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Your personal assistance with all things food, he'll help find and guide you to the best local eats.

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No wasting time searching through hundreds of eateries on google, yelp or similar places. We will find all the places near you, taking into account price, rating, reviews, location and more to show you best 3 places you should try.

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We believe having a great meal shouldn't break the bank so we have partnered up with the best restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to save your cash. StarvoBot will utilize our partnerships and provide you an additional option which will give you a special discount code you can use at selected restaurants. (*limited to beta users only, sign up below to receive exclusive deals)

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We are working with local restaurants and eateries in the greater NYC area to give our loyal user exclusive discounts for interacting with StarvoBot and provide us with feedback.

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If your interested in learning how we can drive customer to your door then email us at starvobot@gmail.com with the following deatils Business name, location(s) of business(es), contact number to show your interest.

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